Amy and Susan’s Experiences After Mastectomy


After our surgeries we had issues with the crucial post-op camisole that holds the drains in place. In Amy’s case, after jumping through hoops with her insurance company, she was able to obtain a camisole from a medical supply shop several days post-op.  Susan was provided with a cami by her medical facility, but using it was not a pleasant experience. She needed assistance getting it on and off and it wasn’t comfortable.


As we shared our experiences with each other, we started thinking about all of the women facing this surgery who might find themselves with the same unmet need.   Amy brought the idea of starting a Not-For-Profit to provide a post-op camisole that is effective, comfortable and able to be taken on and off by the patient. The camisoles will be sewn by volunteers, and the funds donated to Healing to Healthy will be used to purchase materials and to cover any costs associated with delivering them.


We have a vision to not just fund, design and create camisoles, but also to design other helpful clothing items and accessories to assist others no matter where they are in their life journey. . .all the way from “Healing to Healthy!"

Susan Romano & Amy Downing

Susan & Amy met shortly after both were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017