Testimonial from Anita, a camisole recipient

Anita Chiodo received a Healing to Healthy mastectomy camisole prior to her surgery in August, 2020.

I had a bilateral mastectomy on August 6, 2020 and the camisole I received from Healing to Healthy was my best friend the entire week after surgery. It was super soft, easy to get in and out of and held my 4 drains which was a Godsend!!!! Prior to surgery, I went into Nordstrom to buy theirs and it was one of the most difficult and emotional experiences I had for a variety of reasons.

The comfort and drain positioning in the camisole I received was so much better than the one I purchased for $60.00. The department store version was tight fitting and the drains were in the front which made me look like I was 9 months pregnant.

What you are doing, along with your wonderful volunteers, is truly God's work. I can hardly express my thanks and appreciation.

You are truly making a big difference and for me, a huge difference in my comfort, convenience and self-esteem. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!.” - Anita

How you can help other mastectomy patients

Become a sewing volunteer: In about 2 hours you can sew a camisole with pockets on the inside to hold the post-op drains in place, making a patient much more comfortable whether she is trying to sleep at night or move around during the day.

Your $20 donation covers the cost of all supplies to make one camisole.

Donations of all amounts are appreciated and will help Healing to Healthy continue to supply our dedicated volunteers with materials to make more camisoles.

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